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I took over as General Manager at 91.1 FM in July of 2015. Previously, I served as News and Public Affairs Director at WMSV. I'm a graduate of Mississippi State University and a lifelong Mississippian. My goal is to make sure our station is highly effective every day in providing MSU, Starkville and the Golden Triangle with the best mix of music, news and info on local events.

On the weekends, you can catch me at Davis Wade Stadium doing the public address announcing for Mississippi State football or on the SEC Network+ broadcasting MSU softball and soccer. When I'm not working, I enjoy worshipping and serving at Grace Presbyterian Church in Starkville and hanging out with my family.

If you have any questions about our station or are interested in becoming one of our supporters, contact me at 662-325-8481 or Follow me on twitter @cravenmsu. Hail State!

Meg Terry is a communication, broadcast journalism major from Kansas City Missouri. She's probably told you she's not from Kansas a time or two and most closely relates to Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99.

Danielle Brown is a senior communication major at Mississippi State. She love cats, long walks on the beach, and loudly screaming into the abyss (AHHHHHHH!). At WMSV, she is the lead news producer for Obersevations from MSU. After she graduates, she hope to get a job in social media management.

Maggie Thomas is a senior at Mississippi State University majoring in communication with a concentration in broadcasting and minoring in sociology. She joined the WMSV staff in December 2016 as the international news reporter. She now works as the local news reporter and runs WMSV's social media. Maggie hopes to combine her passions for public radio and education and one day have a career as an education correspondent for a public radio station.

Rob Butler is the head of social media and marketing and is a junior at Mississippi State. He is majoring in marketing and management. Lover of country music and host of WMSV's show "Mississippi Weekly," Rob hopes to go in to the music business after college.

DJs & On-air Schedule

Brock St.Clair: Feminist, player of Call of Duty, a twelve year old.

Brock's Summer Internship Antics

Michael Garlotte is a senior Computer science major here at Mississippi State University with aspirations to one day work for the Walt Disney Company as an Imagineer. He also is the producer of the weekend show 'The 91.1 Countdown', which showcases the top 15 tracks of the week here at WMSV. His week-day show 'Ladies and Gentlemen' with Michael Garlotte is more than just a radio show, it's a conversation. From 10:00-11:30 A.M., Michael serenades your ears with your favorite AAA tunes along with some favorites of his own. Feel free to join the conversation by tweeting him or calling in if you so choose. Every day is different so always be sure to tune in!

Hannah Vandie is a sophomore Communications major with a concentration in broadcasting. She is a passionate country singer/songwriter who also encourages others to follow their own dreams. She actively supports charities in fields of animal welfare and anti- bullying. With her own song called "Dark Horses" the video contains animals and is about bullying. She co-wrote the song around the time she was bullied herself. She says, "I know what it's like to feel a little different, so I fully support anyone else who stands out and chooses to go their own path. I want to be a Voice for the Unspoken." Hannah is also the host of StarkVegas Spotlight, which highlights musicians and their music.

Vinny Brocato is as currently a sophomore majoring in history at Mississippi State. He has a very close connection to Starkville, living there his whole life, as well as with his amazingly supportive family. As a history major, Vinny spends most of his days reading articles and books, as well as writing essays on everything history related. When he is not hitting the books or an on- air DJ air WMSV, Vinny enjoys playing video games, collectible card and table top games, and he can often times be found at gigs and concerts happening around Starkville, whether it be performing with his band Girl Skouts, or supporting any and all local artists.

Jackson Ledford is a senior here at MSU where he plans to graduate with a major in Computer Science. Here at WMSV Jackson wears many hats, as he is works as radio DJ , keeps up the webistie you see before you , and assists Columbus High School Sports as a sports analyst.If you are ever in need of the right tunes to study to or maybe you need to jam to the radio as you drive late at night...well good news for you is that form 8-10 P.M. you can tune in to WMSV and Jackson will provide you with all the great world class music you seek.

Jarrius Carter is a senior communication major studying public relations. He started working at WMSV fall of his junior year at Mississippi State broadcasting Columbus high football and basketball games as well as a DJ. Carter also works in the union as an audio-visual tech for the Colvard Student Union. In his free time Carter is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi, and was a member of involvement ambassadors. Outside of school Carter is a Photographer as well as a tailor. Upon graduation Carter plans to work for a radio station in New York and one day own his own radio station.