Upcoming Event Calendar

Date/Time Artist Venue Additional Info
Every Monday / 9:30 pm WMSV Hosts Singer/Songwriter Night Dave's Dark Horse Tavern
Tuesday, September 17th / 9:00pm Canaan Cox Rick's Cafe
Friday, September 20th / 9:00pm Mustache the Band Rick's Cafe
Friday, September 20th Stagolee Dave's Dark Horse Tavern
Friday, September 20th / 6:00pm Bulldog Bash Featuring Cale Dodds, The Beaches, and T-Pain Main Street, Starkville Maroon Market begins at 3:00pm
Saturday, September 21st / 9:00pm DJ Rescue Rick's Cafe
Friday, September 27th / 11:00pm Live DJ Cowbells
Saturday, September 28th / 11:00pm Live DJ Cowbells