WMSV is the noncommercial, community station on the campus of Mississippi State University. WMSV programs a Triple A Music format. We know that if you are not in the music industry, you probably have no idea what this means. It means that we play artist such as Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, Eric Clapton, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, Of Monster and Men, The Killers, Muse and many others who appeal to our listening audience who range in age from 18 - 50 years old. We also have been programming Jazz and Blues on Sundays since we went on the air in 1994.

Who listens to noncommercial stations like WMSV?
According to NPR data, public radio attracts and audience distinguished by its educational level and professional success. From an underwriter's perspective, the public radio audience profile is extremely attractive, affluent and educated.

  • The public radio audience is slightly more male than female 54% vs. 46%.

  • 65% of the public radio audience is 25-54 years old

  • 61% of the public radio audience has a household income of over $50,000

  • 48% live in households over $75,000

  • 58% of the public radio audience have college degrees and 27% have at least attended or graduated from graduate school


Did You Know

  • Our underwriting rates are much lower than commercial stations

  • We broadcast up to a 70 mile radius from the MSU campus

  • Our audience is both the Golden Triangle Community as well as MSU students

  • We broadcast on the web and have MSU alumni and other people from around the world listening on a daily basis

  • Since its inception in 1994, WMSV has won over fifty state and national awards for its news, sports, and music programming

Neil Price
General Manager

WMSV Radio
P.O. Box 6210
Student Media Center
Mississippi State, MS. 39762

Phone: (662) 325-8034
Fax: (662) 325-8037
On-Air Room: (662) 325-8064

Location on campus map